Lights Off For the Season

Thank you for another great year. As of 1/4/2014, our lights are off for the year. As soon as the weather warms up a bit, and we get out from underneath the couple feet of snow we received, we’ll be taking the lights down. Stay tuned for posts throughout 2014 with sneak peaks of what you’ll see in next year’s show.

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I Want Stanley 2013

This sequence was created this year for the WOMC Red Wings in Lights Contest. It features the Red Wings logo on our megatree (although it’s too bright to see in the video) with our sign flashing “Go Wings”.

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Update 12/18/2013

We’ve finished putting up the rest of the lights for this year. The redesign of the megatree looks amazing. Tell your friends and family to stop by. Shows run Sunday through Thursday 4PM-10PM and Friday through Saturday 4PM-11PM. Tune your radio to 87.9FM to hear the music from your car. Enjoy the show!

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Update 12/12/2013

Our lights are up and running! Shows run Sunday through Thursday 4PM-10PM and Friday through Saturday 4PM-11PM. Make sure to tune your radio to 87.9FM. Although the shows are running, we still have more lights to put up on our megatree and our other trees, and there’s a couple of strands that aren’t working quite right. However, if you come, you won’t be disappointed as it’s 90% complete.

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Update 12/5/2013

We are very sorry for the delay this year. We had hoped to have all the lights running by this past weekend. Unfortunately, we’ve been dealing with some sick kitties that have contracted a potentially deadly virus called panleukopenia. Taking care of our cats has taken up most of our free time for the past week, but we still hope to have our lights up and running sometime this coming weekend.

Any neighbors living nearby, make sure your cats are up to date on their distemper vaccines immediately! This is life threatening and very contagious. For low cost vaccinations, check out All About Animals Rescue in Warren. They offer $15 feline distemper vaccine walk-ins and $40 spay/neuter appointments.

Most of our light our up and powered, but not dancing yet. We still have yet to put up our megatree and then we will turn on the music.

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Update 11/30/2013

75% of our lights our up and powered. We had them running in a test sequence last night.  We will have our lights on tonight but it will most likely be a static display. Tomorrow night we should have more lights up and the music running, although our mega tree most likely will not be up yet.

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Update 11/27/2013

Our light are approximately 75% up. We still have a few network cables to run, power lines to run, and our 20′ mega Christmas tree. We are still aiming to have the lights running either on Thanksgiving or the day after, however, they will most likely be missing some elements, such as the megatree. It will probably be another week later that we will have the entire display running.

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Update 11/24/2013

The 2013 season is approaching fast. The lights are going up and we hope to have the show up and running soon after Thanksgiving. We will post the unveil date as soon as we know for sure.

Past seasons’ videos can now be found in our video sections. Check back for information about lights used in our setup.

We look forward to having another great year.

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New Megatree Controller Boards Complete


This year we’ll be using new controller boards for our improved mega tree. Last year we used individual controllers for each string of lights, which worked but caused some headaches trying to keep everything waterproof. These new controllers fit nicely into the same waterproof boxes we use for our other controllers. Each of these new boards control up to 16 strands of lights. Last year we used 14 strands of lights. We’ll be doubling that this year. Since one strand goes up and then back down, it will appear as 56 strands of 50 pixels for a total of 2800 pixels.

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